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Hosting Problems (I am such a hacker)

posted under category: Servers on August 13, 2004 at 1:00 am by Nathan

I recently switched web site hosts, following David Medlock's suggestion of going with his provider. I thought it would be great and fun --and darn cheap! Well it's great to have a ColdFusion server for my site, but working with these people is difficult.

It took a whole month to get my SQL database hooked up. Here's a shortened transcript of my little sql battle:

me: Please hook up my SQL Database in ColdFusion.

them: Ok, please give us the details.

me: Ok, here's the server, password, etc.

them: Ok, it works, please test it.

me: Doesn't work. I'm seeing the error: [Macromedia][SequeLink JDBC Driver][SequeLink Server]The specified data source is not defined. Why are using SequeLink instead of the SQL Server driver?

them: Please double-check your code.

me: Here is my code and a link to the page where you can see it for yourself

them: Ok, forwarded to admin.

me: I can see the database, but can't add tables. Please use my dba acct instead of the limited account.

them: Ok, forwarded to admin.

me: It's been 4 days, now it says "data source not found"

them: Ok, forwarded to admin.

me: It's been 11 days. What's happening?

them: Ok, let's start over. What is your database info again?

me: Here's how to add it. Go to cf administrator, click on data sources ... ...

them: Your username is lowercase now? Before it was mixed case.

me: Case doesn't matter in SQL server usernames. I can connect to my database on your server from here. What is wrong with you?

them: Ok, forwarded to admin.

them: Ok, it works, please test it.

me: It's not working. Please refer to the test page i sent you earlier.

them: Ok, it works, please test it.

me: It's still not working. It isn't done until my test page works. I think you have it pointing to the wrong server.

them (admin): Ok, please wait.

them: (2 days later) (issue closed)

me: Do not close this issue. It should have been fixed weeks ago.

them (admin): Ok, looks like you deleted your ODBC connection. I re-made it and everything is perfect.

me: It still doesn't work. Now there is a database connected, but it isn't mine. Please view the test page again. Can I log into your CF Administrator and fix it myself?

me: Nevermind, I noticed the CF Admin was not password protected. Thanks! I have added my database using the regular SQL Server driver. Your admin may copy my settings for future databases, but DO NOT change anything