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Fun with Functions and CFCs X - Summary, links and closing words

posted under category: ColdFusion on December 21, 2007 at 1:00 am by Nathan

I hope you all enjoyed reading this little series on the strange and interesting things you can do with ColdFusion's components and functions. Here's a quick summary.

Part I, I introduced the subject and gave a basic intro to the public (this.*) and private (variables.*) scopes of a CFC.
Part II, we discussed violent encapsulation intrusion.
Part III, we talked about adding, changing and removing methods in a CFC instance.
Part IV, I gave you the bad idea of having the same method alias run different functions, depending on where you called it from.
Part V, I left the weekend with an actual good idea, safe API updates via function aliasing.
Part VI, we talked about the different ways to inject functions into a component.
Part VII, I discussed duck typing and how others have done it.
Part VIII, there was a fascinating example on functional programming with CF.
Part IX, yesterday, I showed off inverting a CFC, making the private interface public.
Part X, today, is this summary.

I wish I'd had the time to make one on some of CF8's new toys, but those will just have to wait :)

Again, I hope you enjoyed this series and I hope someone out there learned a lot. Have a great holiday, Merry Christmas and God bless, from my family to yours.