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How I got started with ColdFusion

posted under category: Life Events on August 1, 2011 by Nathan

August 1st 2011 is "How I started ColdFusion" day, thanks to Steve Bryant.

This may not be entirely fantastic, but it's my story.

I was working at 7x, a start-up web design and development company in Anchorage, AK. there were only a small handful of those when I started out of high school in 1997. Development at 7x was all based on Tango; the "server" was a mac, Tango would crash often and there was only one guy who could hack it. We started hearing about ColdFusion as a better web platform. A little positive press and the CEO was sold.

The following year, 7x sent 3 of us to a week of training in Seattle. The other two with me wore those customer relations, project manager and designer hats, and I was really a web producer or content engineer at the time. My business cards actually said I was the 'Sr Web Slinger'.

Thinking back I can't believe how naive I was at the time. I knew so little. The world was all blurry to me.

The training was an Allaire class put on by a guy who drove down from Vancouver, BC (as opposed to Vancouver WA where I was born). Nice guy, I think his name was Jonathan. We actually went through two classes in the week, first was a web development (in general) class, then the "Cold Fusion" class. I think I was the only one of the three of us from 7x who seemed to really get what was being taught in the CF class. It's that technical brain of mine I guess.

This was my first business trip. We toured Seattle, I visited my uncle in Kirkland, discovered GameWorks and Ikea, and made some life-long friends.

They put me right to work when I came back, working on shopping carts and early CMS-like apps. I sure hope none of that code is still running today.

So, here's to the bright future! I hope I can look back at this time and say "I knew so little" 13 years further down the road.

Nathan is a software developer at The Boeing Company in Charleston, SC. He is essentially a big programming nerd. Really, you could say that makes him a nerd among nerds. Aside from making software for the web, he plays with tech toys and likes to think about programming's big picture while speaking at conferences and generally impressing people with massive nerdiness and straight-faced sarcastic humor. Nathan got his programming start writing batch files in DOS. It should go without saying, but these thought and opinions have nothing to do with Boeing in any way.
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